We Bet You, Will Kiss, Your Six Pack Abs With This Workout Routine

Six Pack Abs Exercises

Every fitness lover likes six-pack abs, and they do different tough exercises and follow workout routines to achieve their goal. Some people think six abs are necessary to attract girls towards them. Along with a healthy and fit body, a strong stomach is also necessary.

Slim and fit people can work with more efficiency due to strong stamina. Perfect six-pack abs may be difficult for some people. But if you follow a healthy and nutrients rich diet plan along with a workout routine then it will be easy for you to get the abs in a few months.

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Six Pack Abs also protects the internal organs in the stomach from major injuries and keeps the surrounding muscle safe. It also increases the beauty of the whole body with perfect body structure.

Here are some best exercises to get six-pack abs without hitting the gym. Follow these workout plans to get six-packs at home:

1. Leg Raise Variation (20 reps)

M: Alternate Leg Straight Leg Lowers

2. Sit up with Single Leg Knee

M: Crunch with Single Knee in

3. Forearm Side Plank Crunch

M: Forearm Side Plank Dips

4. Elevated Seated Punches

M: Seated Punches

5. Reverse Table Top Crunch

M: Crab Lifts

You need to do all the above workouts in 4 sets for 45 seconds each. After each exercise take a break for 15 seconds and start again. By following these workout routines for a few weeks you will definitely kiss your abs.

The best thing about these exercises is you do need to go to the gym and follow a tough routine. Just start from your home and see the best results.

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