Weight Loss Without Hitting Gym: Kriti Sanon Lost Extra Kilos at Her Home

Kriti Sanon Weight Loss

If you also feel going to the gym is a very difficult task for you, then you can lose your extra kilos without hitting the gym. Today we are going to show you the example of Bollywood actress Kriti Sanon who has proven that you can lose weight at your home.

Kriti Sanon had gained 15kg extra weight during the filming of ‘Mimi’ in which she played the role of a surrogate carrying an American couple’s child.

After the completion of the film in 2020, she started working on her to lose this extra 15kg weight. While speaking in an interview Kriti Sanon said, “I began working out at home with the help of virtual trainers. I lost all the excess weight during the lockdown. When I was 15 kilos more than my usual bodyweight towards the end of Mimi’s schedule, I remember feeling unfit. When you feel so unfit, you understand the importance of fitness.”

She shared a video on her Instagram while working out with her team for her upcoming movie. She wrote in her caption, “Who needs a gym to workout!!”.

She gained this weight by eating chips, chocolates, shakes, and more and after her film completion, she shed all of this weight during the lockdown with a simple workout at her home.

To lose weight you just need to follow a simple and healthy diet. In your free time, you can do simple exercises at your home to reduce your fat without going gym. A morning or evening walk can also be helpful in reducing your fat.

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