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Contagion Movie Online to watch | American movie | Steven Soderbergh

Well, you might have heard this movie earlier since this movie is not new but due to coronavirus, this movie Contagion is getting popular among the people. But Why? The mystery will unleash here: You wanna know that this movie is getting quite famous among American people. Because the story of this movie is almost […]

I Still Believe Box Office Collection: The Movie Succeeded in Making this much at box office

It is obvious that the Corona Virus has strikingly affected the domestic box office collection of all the three movies that released this Friday. “The Bloodshot”, “I Still Believe” and “The Hunt”. However, they have not completely wiped out. Out of the three movies which released this Friday, “I Still Believe” succeeded in impressing the […]

Bloodshot First Day Box Office Collection: This Vin Diesel movie has made $1.2 Million on Thursday Night

The Vin Diesel much-awaited which hit theaters yesterday has made respectable 1.2 Million on Thursday night at the box office. It is a respected total for Sony Picture among the outbreak of Corona Virus. The movie has made this collection through previews which were held at 2631 theaters. Due to the ongoing Corona Virus impact, […]

Onward Box Office Collection Report of First Week

The latest Pixar animated movie Onward which garnered mostly positive reviews from the audience and critics as well. However, astoundingly the praise did not convert into the box office collection. The first-week domestic box office collection of Onward is $39 million which was not expected at all by Pixar whose last animated movies “Incredible 2″ […]

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