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In This Summer Your Hair Also Needs Sun Protection, Check Here The Reasons

In summer we need an extra shield to protect our skin from harmful sun radiation. Over the last few years, one product that has gained exploding momentum is sunscreen. Every girl and woman carries sunscreen with her in hot summers.

Now come to the point that sunscreen is not only essential for your skin, it’s also equally important for your hair. Yes, you heard right, Hairscreen is a thing that can protect your hair from damage in summer. Our hair is mostly damaged by harmful UVA/UVB rays coming from the sun in summer.

Your Hair Also Needs Protection From the Sun

If we say your hair also needs sun protection then it’s true. If you look at your hair in summer then you may see your hair’s top layer is more frizzy and damaged. This is due to long-term exposure of hair to the sun. The harmful Ultra Violet rays cause damage to the cuticle that makes up the protective layer around the hair sheath. This damage results in more frizz, discoloration, split ends, and breakage over time. The worst thing is the UV rays also damage the keratin protein that is responsible for making up the hair.

How Things Can Get Worse?

Things can get worse if you go swimming, if you heat roll, use a blow dryer, or bleach your hair. Due to heat, your hair’s keratin protein gets damaged. More keratin damage will result in more damage to hair by UV rays. Dark hair types get more protection from the sun as compared to blondes because of the presence of melamine that absorbs harmful UV light.

How Does Protection From Sun Reduces Sun Damage?

Today there are a bunch of products available in the market that acts as ‘hair-screen’. Hair sprays, SPF-infused serums, and hair-screen sprays are the most widely used products. By using these products we can reduce damage from harmful UV rays coming from the sun. These products also reduce frizz, discoloration, and breakage of hair.

Some Useful Tips to Follow to Protect Your Hair From Sun

  • You can cover your head with a hat or a scarf while going outside in the sun.
  • Cover your hair with a swimming cap while swimming.
  • Reduce the hair treatments, hair heating, and hair coloring in summers.
  • If possible reduce sun exposure in peak times from 10 am to 4 pm in summers.
  • Use a hair screen or sunblock for your hair.

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