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All-day long – 5 tips to make your makeup last long

Makeup is every woman?s favourite routine.

When you get ready for the day you want your look to be exactly how you leave in the morning or work. Unfortunately, most of you come back with smudged eyeliner, kajal or washed off a blush. You are busy with work, cooking and other things throughout the day when you step out of your house in the morning. To ensure your makeup looks like it did when you applied it. Here are a few simple hacks to make your makeup stay all day long and keep your look fresh as a daisy.

Prep your skin

Prepping your skin is very important. It helps reduce the appearance of pores and leaves your skin looking fresh and hydrated. Even if you have oily skin, prepping is very important. If you prep your skin well before you do your makeup, your makeup will stay all day long. It will give a clean base to your skin and your makeup will stick well and long.

Use a good quality primer

Primer is a key to both good and long-lasting makeup. Primer helps even out the skin tone and gives a smooth texture. The makeup sticks well on your skin and holds on to it. It will visibly reduce your pores and skin eruptions making your makeup look flawless.

Use waterproof products

Using good quality waterproof products will always stay longer than the usual products. If your skin is oily, waterproof products will best suit your skin. Waterproof makeup products have a long-lasting effect. Your makeup will not budge or smudge.

Less is more

Don’t overdo your makeup. Especially when it comes to blush and contouring. Less is more and it looks stunning on you. Applying too many layers of foundation will leave your skin look cakey and it will fall off your skin. Less makeup will give you a natural and nude finish.

?use a gel or powder-based eyeliner

Give your pencil eyeliners a ditch and switch to gel eyeliners or powder-based eyeliner to avoid smudging. Before using your gel or powder eyeliner, spray setting spray on your brush to let the eyeliner stay for long.

Set your makeup with a setting spray

Once you have finished your makeup, set it with a good makeup setting spray or powder. The setting spray will act as a masterpiece for your makeup and it will seal the makeup to let it stay for long.

Whether you sweat a lot, or you are dealing with oily skin, these simple makeup hacks will help you grow and keep your makeup in place throughout the day.

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