Wakfu Season 4: Plot, Release Date| When Wafku season 4 releasing on Netflix?

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Wafku is a popular french anime series whose three parts have been released on Netflix and it has its own share of fan following. A lot of Wafku anime series fans are asking on different forums when will be the Wafku season 4 will be released on Netflix? Whether the 4th part of Wafku french animated series canceled or not. Check out in this post.

The first season of the Wafku aired in 2008 and it had 26 episodes and the second season of the Wafku french animated web series released in January 2010. This animated series is created with Adobe flash. In January 2014, the Ankama Studio planned to create the 3rd season of the show and they dubbed the in the English and Netflix acquired the right of this series. From September onwards Netflix started streaming all episodes of the Wafku french series on Netflix and 3 years later in 2017 the third season of Wafku Animated web series released on Netflix. Ever since the third season of the Wafku released all the fans of this anime series are eagerly waiting for the 4th season of Wafku.

What is the Plot of Wafku?

Wafku the game set in the fantasy world, and the events of this show takes place 1000 years after the occurrence of Ankama’s previous game, Dofus, which was released in 2005.

The show commences with a mysterious boy Yugo with a retired bounty hunter in a small village. The bounty hunter gets a task to raise Yugo to tell he reaches 12 years of age and embarks on a journey to find his biological family. When he becomes 12 years age, he realizes his superpowers and discovers a few friends with whom he embarks on a journey to discover his family. During his journey, he came across several obstacles and confronts several devils. Since the release of the first part of this series, critics and audience likely praised the emotionally charged writing and stunning visuals of this series. It enjoys 8.3 ratings on IMBD and several games and comics have been made on this series.

When the Wafku French Anime Part 4 is releasing on Netflix?

Since the release of the third season of Wafku, the co-founder and screenwriters of the Wafku anime series are planning the 4th and 5th season of this show. However, there is no official announcement from Netflix and Wafku creators when they are going to release the 4th part of this series. We have to wait for some more time to find out when the 4th season of Wafku is going to release.

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