Top 5 Oily Skin Care Tips You Need To Follow 2021

oily skin tips

Anyone with oily skin would relate to the true meaning of the phrase “the grass is greener on the other side” at a very young age. Because, as compared with normal and dry skin types, oily skin is so troublesome to deal with. If hormonal changes were the excuse for acne breakouts during adolescence, some people with oily skin don’t manage to catch a break-even in their twenties as this skin type harbors acne-causing bacteria and other factors due to its tendency of producing excess sebum.

Here are some of the Tips for Your Oily Skin

Consume adequate amounts of vitamin C and E daily:

Eating right is the cornerstone to maintaining healthy skin. While it is quite difficult to avoid fried foods and other indulgent dishes, you can still create a balance by simply including vitamin-rich foods in your diet as well. Vitamin C is commonly found in most fruits and vegetables, so it is easy to incorporate; it provides a high dose of antioxidants to your skin, which is essential in keeping acne at bay, and it also boosts collagen production. Vitamin E is found in various nuts and seeds and also in leafy vegetables; it helps keep your skin’s moisture levels in check and protects the skin from sun damage.

Tip: Consume an orange, kiwi, grapefruit slice, or a bowl of strawberries every day along with a handful of assorted dry fruits like walnuts, pistachios, cashews, and almonds.

Drink lots of water

Drinking lots of water will hydrate your body from the inside out. Once you are hydrated, the oil glands in your skin receive a signal from the brain that no excess oil is required to moisten or hydrate the body, and that’s how your skin will be balanced and fresh as there will not be excessive sebum production.

Wash your face twice a day:

When you wake up and when you go back to sleep, make sure you wash your face. Twice will do, and a mild face wash is recommended. You could opt for a creamy cleanser in the morning and a soothing gel cleanser for the night.

Do not be harsh with your skin

Whether you are washing your face or applying moisturizer or makeup, do not use too much force. Excessive friction can cause your skin to break out and worsen any inflammation you already have. It can break blood capillaries in skin tissue, which do the job of exchanging oxygen, nutrients, and waste tissues between blood cells.

Face masks are ideal

You already understand that you need extra care when you have oily skin, and a part of that is enjoying skincare face masks. For this skin type, clay and mud masks are must-haves as they absorb excess oil and impurities. Charcoal masks are always a great bet and can fix any skin problem related to oily skin. And, gel masks or sheet masks are soothing and essential for your skin too.

Tip: Use a clay or mud mask before a shower. Indulge in a gel or sheet mask post your shower. Use a charcoal peel-off mask after you exfoliate your skin with a scrub.

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