The Beginning After The End Chapter 105: Release Date, Countdown, Spoilers

The Beginning After The End Chapter 105 when it will be releasing? It is a common question being asked by the fans of this comic series. We will cover in this post ” When will be The Beginning After the End Chapter 105 releasing?

What Happened in The Begining After The End Chapter 104 Episode:

Let’s first find out what happened in episode 104. In this episode we have read that Arthur is teaching in the class about how to behave. Since he is taking his first class so he started the lecture with practical Mana Manipulation. He started teaching them how to manipulate mana launch their basic spells. However, students are not able to understand what he is teaching and they ask him to do it properly again as they are not getting it. Arthur shows them a little bit of his power to impress students. Later he ends the class and Princess comes to talk to him after the class. Now what she will talk about the class. You should read The Begining After the End Chapter 105 to find it out.

The Beginning After The End Chapter 105 Release Date & Where To Read?

The Begining After the End Chapter 105 will release on 15th May 2021. So you will get to read it after 3-4 days. You can read this chapter on Mangatoons. However, this episode will also get available on Manhaplus and Manhashelf but we will suggest you to read it from the official site as we don’t support piracy.

The Begining After the End Story

The plot of The Begining After the End revolves around a powerful King Grey who rules the world through martial ability. However, in solitude, he is lonely and devoid and he wants to change his life. He gets a new opportunity when he is reincarnated into the new world filled with magic and monsters. He tries everything in this second life to correct all the mistakes of his past life. Now whether he succeeds in it or not. You need to read this comic book to find it out

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