Onward Box Office Collection Report of First Week

The latest Pixar animated movie Onward which garnered mostly positive reviews from the audience and critics as well. However, astoundingly the praise did not convert into the box office collection. The first-week domestic box office collection of Onward is $39 million which was not expected at all by Pixar whose last animated movies “Incredible 2″ and ” Toy Story 4″ had shattered the box office collection upon their releases.

One of the main reasons behind the weak box office collection could be the break down of the Corona Virus. The plot of this movie revolves around the quest of two brothers to reincarnate their father. The sibling’s voice has been lent by famous actor Tom Holland and Chris Pratt. This movie has been helmed by Dan Scanlon who directed Monster University earlier. Talking about the ratings of this movie, so this movie has an 86% approval rating on famous website rotten tomatoes. Considering the last three movies of Pixar Incredible 2, Toy Story 4 and Coco they had an approval rating of 94% of the website.

Here are a few of the reasons why Onward did modest business at the Domestic Box Office

1) Mixed word of Mouth: Unlike its predecessors which held 94% approval rating on rotten tomatoes, this one holds only 86% and is the bottom 3 least rated Pixar movie on rotten tomatoes.
2) Low Hype: Before the release of this movie, the buzz surrounding this movie was limited. The Official youtube trailer of this movie had only 18 Million views.
3) A before Summer Release: This is one of the first Pixar movie which released before the Summer’s in the month of march which could be one of the main reason behind the modest box office performance of this movie. If this movie had released during the vacation of summer, so the collection would have been different.

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