Kelly Reichardt’s First Cow is doing excellent business at the Box Office

The first cow A24’s new movie has been doing excellent business at the Box Office. The movie which released at the 4 locations has braved the Corona Virus fear and attracted the footfalls in the cinema hall. This movie has been helmed by Kelly Reichard and the movie is based on the Novel The Half-Life. The movie stars John Magaro, Toby Jones, Ewen Bremner, Orion Lee, Alia Shawkat, and René Auberjonois in the pivotal roles. Ever since the movie has released, it has garnered positive reviews from the critics and audience as well which is reflecting in the box office collections. The movie holds 92% of the approval rating on rotten tomatoes. The movie opened only at four locations and register $24k at every location which is higher than any other movie this weekend.

What is the Plot of First Cow Movie?

The story of this movie revolves around a trained cook who traveled west and joins a fur trappers in Oregon. However, he feels a connection with only one of the Chinese men with whom he starts his own business of selling dairy milk and dreams to become rich. However, the longevity of their business solely depends upon the prized cow of the landowner.

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