Index of Suits Season 1 to 9 ( Star Cast, Summary, Review, Episode List)

Suits is one of the most popular legal drama created and directed by y Aaron Korsh. So if you love watching legal dramas then we’d recommend you to watch Suits web series online. The first season of this web series premiered on USA network 23 June 2011. The last season of this show concluded in 2019. This series is hugely popular on Netflix. Upon release, this series has received positive reviews from critics and audiences for its excellent writing and direction. So if you want to watch this web series and looking for the index of Suits all seasons, then you’ve landed on the right page.

What is the story of Suits:

The series focuses on the journey of Mike Ross who is running from a drug lord who is after his life for a drug deal that went wrong because of him. While trying to escape from him, Mike Ross appears for a job interview with one of New York City’s best legal closers, Harvey Specter.  Tired with the regular law graduates, Harvey gives him a shot and hires him. He is hugely impressed by his photographic memory. Mike and Harvey makes a great pair and win several cases. However Mike has a long way to go as he has to learn about the law. On the other hand, Harvey is not an emotionless guy, he is dealing with his own set of problems.

What is the star cast of Suits Season 1 to 9:

Suits web series has an excellent star cast that features:

Gabriel Macht as Harvey Specter
Patrick J. Adams as Michael “Mike” Ross
Rick Hoffman as Louis Litt
Meghan Markle as Rachel Zane
Sarah Rafferty as Donna Paulsen
Gina Torres as Jessica Pearson
Amanda Schull as Katrina Bennett
Dulé Hill as Alex Williams
Katherine Heigl as Samantha Wheeler

Total Number of Seasons in Suits Series:

There are a total of 9 seasons in Suits series.

Suits Season 1 Synopsis:

The first season of Suits starts with Mike running away from a drug deal that went wrong. He somehow slips into a law school where luckily he gets admission. He decided to give it a shot to pay for his grandfather’s care. Mike and Harvey who hired him in the law school makes a great team and help a lot of clients.

Suits Season 1 Episode List:

Episode ListEpisode Name
Season 1 Episode 1Pilot
Season 1 Episode 2Errors and Omissions
Season 1 Episode 3Inside Track
Season 1 Episode 4Dirty Little Secrets
Season 1 Episode 5Bail Out
Season 1 Episode 6Tricks of the Trade
Season 1 Episode 7Play the Man
Season 1 Episode 8Identity Crisis
Season 1 Episode 9Undefeated
Season 1 Episode 10Shelf Life
Season 1 Episode 11Rules of the Game
Season 1 Episode 12Dog Figh

Suits Season 2 Summary:

In this season we get to see that Jessica Pearson gets to know about the Mike’s Secret. She tries to reveal this secret to everyone. However, another problem surfaces as when co-founding partner Daniel Hardman returns to the firm, and he starts pressuring Harvey and Jessica. Mike gradually starts building relation with Rachel Zane, however, it does not go well as he gets involved in other love affairs. On the other front, Harvey and his secretary Donna trying to bury the evidences while keeping it a secret from Hardman, who would use it to leverage a managing partner position.

Episode ListEpisode Name
Season 2 Episode 1She Knows
Season 2 Episode 2The Choice
Season 2 Episode 3Meet the New Boss
Season 2 Episode 4Discovery
Season 2 Episode 5Break Point
Season 2 Episode 6All In
Season 2 Episode 7Sucker Punch
Season 2 Episode 8Rewind
Season 2 Episode 9Asterisk
Season 2 Episode 10High Noon
Season 2 Episode 11Blind-Sided
Season 2 Episode 12Blood in the Water
Season 2 Episode 13Zane vs. Zane
Season 2 Episode 14He’s Back
Season 2 Episode 15Normandy
Season 2 Episode 16War

Suits Season 3 Summary:

In the third season of Suits we get to see Harvey getting a position as a named partner with the help of Darby’s. Meanwhile, due to the merger between senior partner Louis Litt to clash with his British counterpart. Darby International client Ava Hessington draws Harvey into a lengthy trial against his former mentor, and the lawsuit turns into a murder charge. Realizing that his fraud can’t continue forever, Mike leaves newly renamed Pearson Specter to take a position as an investment banker.

Suits Season 4 Summary:

In this season, we’ll see Mike new job puts him taking on his mentor Harvey. The battle intensify and it draws the attention of Government.

Suits Season 5:

In Suits season 5, we will get to see Harvey struggling in his personal life as he loses Donna and seeks the help of a therapist to get over her. On the other hand, Mike is suffering from insecurities as he tries to defeat Harvey, it creates an opening for Jack Soloff, an ambitious partner who is being manipulated by Hardman. On the other hand, Rachel’s relation with her parents is being overshadowed by Mike’s secret. Mike is arrested as everyone comes to know about his fraud to get the job. A lot of people confess to his fraud and he confronts a tough lawyer prosecutor Anita Gibbs, Mike accepts a plea bargain, pleads guilty, and turns himself in so that no one else will go to jail. He tells Rachel that since he is going to jail to serve his sentence so he will not marry her for now but when he’d come out of jail, he’d definitely marry her.

Suits Season 6:

In this season, we get to see Mike facing the realities after getting back from prison. He is trying hard to get his life back on track. On the other hand, Harvey, Jessica tries to save the firm which is losing its credibility.

Suits Season 7:

In this season we get to see Donna taking over as a COO of the firm. Jessica has left the job. One of Harvey’s friends Alex joins the team. Harvey is finally getting back into his normal life and he starts dating his former therapist. Rachel has joined the job of attorney after passing the bar exam. Mike continues to work pro bono cases at the clinic. Mike also fulfills his promise and marries Rachel.

Suits Season 8:

In this season as Rachel and Mike have left after getting married. Harvey and the rest of Specter Litt face an infusion of ambitious new blood and chart a daring new course.

Suits Season 9:

As the firm chafes under intense new oversight, each partner faces a reckoning — and Mike Ross returns to square off against his old mentor, Harvey.

When will be Suits Season 10 Releasing?

There is no confirmation from the team as to when will be Suits season 10 releasing. There are some speculations that Suits season 10 will not be returning and already being canceled.

How can you watch Suits Season 1 to 9 Online?

All Suits seasons 1- 9 are streaming on Netflix app and you can watch Suits all season on Netflix app. However, it is not free to watch or download Suits web series on Netflix app. You need to have a paid subscription to Netflix app to watch or download Suits season 1 to 9.

Is it possible to Download Suits Season 1 to 9 on Netflix?

Yes, you can download Suits all season on Netflix. Howeverm you can download to watch it within the app not outside of it.

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