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Do you love watching Spy movies and web shows? So you should not miss Fauda web series. This web series has an engaging story, screenplay, and fast-paced to make you glue to the screen. It is an Israeli TV show developed by Lior Raz and Avi Issacharoff drawing on their experiences in the Israel Defense Forces. The total of 3 seasons of this series has been released and fourth is underway and it could release at any time.

Plot of Fauda

This web series tells the story of Doron who is commander in IMista’arvim unit & his job is to pursue Hamas Terorrist. What all problems and sacrifices he made while protecting his country. You need to watch Fauda Web Series online to find it out. So if you are looking for the Index of Fauda Series, so you should check out this post.

Main Characters of Fauda Series

Doron Kavillio
Taufiq Hammed
Walid Al Abed
Dr. Shirin Al Abed
Captain Gabi Ayub
Mickey Moreno
Gali Kavillio
Nassrin Hamed
Steve Pinto

Fauda Season 1 Story:

At the beginning of the first season of Fauda, We see Doron is spending time at his farmhouse and he has been visited by his old commander who pursues him to again join the force as Taufeeq Ahmed is still alive and he is planning to attend his brother’s Bashir wedding. They have a great chance to catch him. Doron joins the force and leads the operation to catch Taufeeq. However, before Taufeeq comes to the wedding. They get caught and in a brawl, Basheer gets killed. Taufeeq somehow saves himself and escapes safely from the wedding. However, he gets injured and is forced to have secret emergency surgery so as to not reveal that he is alive or where he is. Doron somehow convinces his chief to allow him to stay with the team until they catch Taufeeq. Basheer to be wife Amal takes a vow to revenge on those who killed her husband. Taufiq’s right-hand man, Walid, convinces her cousin to help Taufeeq escape from the hospital before Doron arrives. Amal’s distraught with her Husband’s death agreement Doron finds out that Taufiq had a bomb implanted inside of Boaz, the team kidnap Taufiq’s daughter to use as additional leverage. Ultimately Boaz and the Sheikh both get blown up, and Taufiq’s daughter gets badly injured. to bomb a nightclub where Boaz comes to meet his girlfriend, Boaz who is Doron’s brother in law leaves a minute before the blast, but his girlfriend dies in the Bomb Blast. Also, Amal does not leave the sight and gets killed in the Bomb blast.

While on mission Boaz is kidnapped by Hamas and in order to save him, Doron kidnaps Sheikh Awadall to get back Boaz. When Doron finds out that Taufiq had a bomb implanted inside of Boaz, the team kidnaps Taufiq’s daughter to use as additional leverage. Ultimately Boaz and the Sheikh both get blown up, and Taufiq’s daughter gets badly injured.
At the end of season 1, we see Walid shooting Taufiq and becoming the chief of Hamas.

How Many Episodes in Season 1?

There are a total of 12 episodes in the first season and the length of each episode is between 45-55 minutes.

Fauda Season 2:

Episode 1: In the first episode, we see Doron rejoining his team and starts investigating who was behind the Bomb Attack and who wants to take revenge on him.

Episode 2: Tensions start building on both sides as Doron intensifies his search and on the other hand, Abu Samara hands Al Makadasi an Ultimatum and Shirin also face some tough questions from Doron’s team.

Episode 3: Rebuked by Walid, Al Makdasi doubles down on his renegade plan to exact revenge. Doron goes rogue during an operation to offer Shirin a way out.

Episode 4: Nidhal starts to take lethal action toward Doron’s team that affects Doron. Shirin starts developing feelings for Doron and she reaches out to him that puts both lives in danger.

Episode 5: Doron finds it hard to protect his family when Nidal comes after him. Shirin starts working for Doron to get him close to Nidhal.

Episode 6: Finding a chance to strike, Nidal regroups and leads a nighttime raid. While Walid faces interrogation, Doron takes Shirin under his wing.
Episode 7: In this episode we see Captain Abu blackmailing Abu Samara to help him and Sagi could not find out what to do on the mission.
Episode 8: In this episode, they find out Nidal’s true loyalists and put all efforts to track him down. Captain Ayub on the other hands tries every trick in book to break Wajid.
Episode 9: In this episode, we see Doron’s father is being killed by Nidal and he suspects Shirin that she is with Nidal.

Episode 10: In this episode, the team tries to help Doron recover from his losses. Shirin is being questioned by the team. Also Abu Mehar makes a discovery.

Episode 11: An operation to bring down Nidal backs the team into a lethal corner. Abu Maher makes a heartrending decision, and Captain Ayub learns critical intel.

Episode 12: Doron’s life is in danger as Nidal plans to kill him. Whether he succeeds in his plan or not. You need to watch this series to find it out.

Fauda Season 3:

In season 3, Doron goes undercover for a special mission where he trains a Young Palestinian boy who has aspirations to become a boxer. However, Doron is after the Hamas leader who is on the wanted list.

Episode 1: Doron goes undercover for months when he gets surprised intel point after months of his hard work.
Episode 2: In this episode, the search for Fauzi intensifies and Doron again goes back undercover but people around him starts suspecting him.
Episode 3: In this episode, we see Abu Mohammad giving Jihad an Ultimatum. Doron is a lethal confrontation that tries to save Bashar.
Episode 4:Jihad and Nasser act when an impulsive decision sends Bashar deeper into jeopardy.

Where can you Watch or Download Fauda Season 1, 2 & 3 Online?

Fauda All seasons are streaming on Netflix Officially. So you can watch all episodes and seasons of this series on this OTT platform. You can download All Fauda seasons on this site to watch Offline during your free time.

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