Does Drinking Alcohol Really Make You Gain Weight? Check The Experts View Here

Drinking Alcohol Can Increase Weight

A fit and healthy body is everyone’s first priority. Every person either male or female wants a fit and lean body in good shape. But in today’s lifestyle, the habits of people are changing rapidly. If you are trying to maintain a healthy weight then the first step is you should look at your daily diet. Everything matters what you eat or what you drink.

Weight is directly related to your diet including your lifestyle. Some people think alcohol and other beverages like Beer, cold drinks are also responsible to gain weight.

Today in this post you will learn how alcohol intake affects your body and it is responsible for your heavyweight. Here are few suggestions from experts about alcohol intake and body composition.

1. Alcohol Reduces Fat Burning Process in Body

According to experts alcohol reduces the fat-burning process in the body. You may have heard about the term “empty calories” in the relation to alcohol. The empty calories mean your body can convert the calories from alcohol to energy. But in reality, these calories do have not any beneficial nutrients or minerals.

Alcohol is not good for health and our digestive system needs extra efforts to eliminate it from the body. So alcohol consumption directly affects the fat burning process and it also makes the digestive system weak.

2. High Calories in Alcohol

Protein and carbohydrates have 4 calories per gram but alcohol has 7 calories per gram. Alcoholic beverages including Mixers like juices, soda, cream, whipped cream, or coconut milk contains high calories. Some cocktails, syrups, and whipped cream contain high calories. These high calories are responsible for fat in the body.

3. Alcohol Messes with Hormones

Hormones play a primary role in the healthy functioning of the body. In a healthy body hormone, the system works properly and produces the right amount of hormones. But drinking alcohol badly affects your glands that release hormones, which can result in many health issues. Alcohol also accelerates the cortisol hormone level, which results in weight gain.

4. Alcohol Affects the Sleep Quality

Alcohol has sedative effects that can induce feelings of relaxation and sleeping. Alcohol addicts also suffer from insomnia symptoms. Alcohol intake affects melatonin hormones, which control the sleep and wake cycle. And the disruption in sleep after drinking is strongly linked to weight gain over some time.

5.Alcohol Can Increase Your Hunger

After a couple of drinks of alcoholic beverages, you eat whatever quick and easy snack without really thinking about it. And these hunger pangs are caused by alcohol. It also reduces the blood sugar level to dip, and it can trigger hunger. This unnecessary hunger can make you reach for high-calorie foods like pizza, burgers, and pasta.

All these factors are responsible for extra increased weight due to alcohol consumption.

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