Dirty Money Season 2: Release date, plot, cast Revealed

A lot of people are asking this question When Will Dirty Money Return to Netflix? To give you a brief introduction of this series, the dirty money is an American documentary that exposes the high profile cases of corporate corruption. The first season of the Dirty money which aired in 2018 received rave reviews from the critics who praised the series. Excited with the feedback that Netflix received for this show, they are coming with the second season of the Dirty Money. So if you are curious to know when you will get to see the Dirty Money part 2 on Netflix and everything related to this series, then you must check out this article.

Dirty Money Season 2 Release Date?

There were a lot of speculations when the second season of the Dirty Money will premier on Netflix. A lot of of people thought this show would release on May 29, 2018 because when a user asked the executive producer of the show Alex Gibney, he tweeted the same. However, this show did not release on the same date. Now it is being confirmed that after a long wait this show will be streaming on Netflix on March 11, 2020.

How many episodes Dirty Money Season 2 Will Consist of?
According to the official statement, the second season of the dirty money will have total 6 episodes.

What is the Star Cast of the Dirty Money Season 2?

Since there is no fixed cast of this show being the nature of the show. In the first season of this show several famous personalities like Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton had appeared on the show. And this time too, it is being speculated that a lot of famous personalities will grace the show.

What is the Plot of Dirty Money?

The sole focus of this show is to demonstrate how the corporate world works and how unethical practices occur in big corporate houses. Every episode of the show takes a case and throw light upon how unethical or corruption happened behind the curtains.

Dirty Money Season 2 Trailer:

Curious to check out the trailer of Dirty Money season 2 check it out here:

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