Charmsukh Daamad Ji Web Series Story, Cast, Release Date

Charmsukh is one of the most popular web series of Ullu app. It has amassed a great fan following and all-new episodes of this web series are eagerly awaited by the fans. Rajshri Verma is one of the hottest & demanded actress of Ullu. She will be seen playing an important role in this web series. So if you have seen the trailer of Daamad Ji web series and want to know ” How can you watch Daamad ji web series online?” More information regarding story, plot, characters and release date, then you can check out the details here.

Charmsukh Daamad Ji web series Plot?

The plot of this web series revolves around a husband and wife. They both are living a happy life, however, one day husband meets an accident and he is forced to stay at the home. Moreover, the wife is working, so she calls her mother to take care of the husband. However, the mother gets attracted toward the husband. Now what brews between them two, you need to watch Daamad ji web series online to find it out.

What is the star cast of Daamad Ji web series?

This web series has Rajshri Verma and she will be seen playing a pivotal role in this web series.

Where can you watch Daamad Ji web series Online?

You can watch Daamad Ji web series online on Ullu app. However, it is not free to watch Charmsukh web series online on ULLU app. You need to have a paid plan to watch all ULLU web series.

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