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Breaking Surface Release Date |Where to watch Online, Story, Review

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The new drama, thriller of 2020 is yet to release in the month of December. The story revolves around two sisters Ida and Tuva. They go to some coastline in the remote part of Norway during the Christmas vacations. Then mishap happens and rock pushes Tuva underwater. All the equipment and belongings go into the water leaving no signs of survival or any rescue. Then Ida comes into the superwoman mode and she tries to save her sister from the odds and the story goes on and on. This thrilling movie will definitely entertain with chilly suspense and acting done by the two sisters is so authentic. That’s the moral of the story of Breaking Surface which is going to release within a few days.

Breaking Surface release date

Breaking surface will release on 9th of December in theatres and after that it will be released on OTT platforms.

Breaking Surface Starcast, reviews

The actors are chosen wisely as per the script. The two characters are so flamboyant and quintessential. You will be mesmerised by the acting of both sisters in the movie. The reviews seem too authentic and genuine by the people who have watched the teaser on youtube of Breaking Surface. The actors include Moa Gammel, Madeleine Martin and Trine Wiggen.

Where can I watch Breaking Surface online

If you are apple users then you will be glad to hear that this movie is releasing on Apple TV as well from 15th December onwards. After releasing on 9th of December in theatres, it will release on the ott platform. So have fun, have some thrilling experience, fasten your seatbelts and watch the Breaking Surface.

Breaking Surface Teaser

Check out the teaser below and decide yourself:

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