Apple’s iPhone 14 Pro May Launch In Unique Surprising Shape

Day by day the demand for Apple’s iPhones is increasing in the world, especially in India. For many people, iPhone is just a status symbol and for some people, it is the easiest tool to do all work. Apple also keeps upgrading its iOS and other things to improve user experience with an extra level of security.

Now after some major advancements and changes Apple is preparing its next-generation iPhones. And these changes will be seen in iPhone 14 Pro models which will look small but pleasing form modification.

Recently the designs of Apple’s iPhone 14 Pro models have leaked, which shows major shape changes. According to the leaked design, Apple is planning to make iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max more curved as compared to its current iPhone 13 models.

Moreover, the major changes in iPhone’s shape are a fix for an existing problem. Apple has softened the sides of the iPhone 14 Pro to solve the strange appearance of the iPhone 13 Pro. As the edges are more curved so the screen’s corners are also more curved.

These changes will be seen only on Pro versions and other non-pro versions will remain the same. These next-generation iPhones may launch in September-October this year.

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